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Ongoing freelance translation work for lawyers fluent in Irish

Collaborate with Access International on a long-term basis as a freelance legal translator into Irish while focussing on your work as a successful lawyer.

  • Earn up to €6,200/month

  • Remote translation work including interesting documents for legal professionals

  • Stay in touch with Irish culture by working in your native language on a weekly basis

  • Deliver quality translations of legal documents into Irish

  • Law degree or professional qualification as barrister or solicitor required, but no prior translation experience needed

Apply now:

Féach ar an leathanach as Gaeilge


Our hassle-free approach as a translation agency

Financial stability

At Access International, we value transparency in outsourcing our translation projects. As your availability might change from month to month, we determine your capacity for each month in advance and allocate most of our documents to translate 4-6 weeks in advance.

Excellent payment term: 45 days

We offer a payment term of only 45 days, compared to the 60 day period common amongst most EU governmental institutions.

Individual delivery schedule

Translate at your own pace, as we agree on an individual delivery schedule with you for each month. We understand that working as a barrister or solicitor can come with unexpected changes in schedule. In exceptional cases we are therefore able to offer a degree of flexibility for internal deadlines.

Remote working

As translating with Access International is fully remote and can be completed from anywhere in the world, you can complete work in between meetings or on sabbatical in the Caribbean.

Long-term collaboration: 4 years

We prefer outsourcing our projects to trusted translators who deliver good quality as per the agreed deadlines. You can expect to work with us on a long-term basis of up to 4 years.

Easy workflows, interesting legal documents for barristers and solicitors

No complicated government invoicing and file management portals, we have streamlined everything with efficient processes, so you can focus on translating interesting legal documents.

Quick response time: < 1 hour

We usually reply within one hour to help out in case you have questions for any of your projects. With our established team of legal Irish translators, we can help you get ahead quickly.

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Requirements for translating with Access International

In order to provide our clients with high quality translations, here is what we expect from our collaboration:


Law degree or professional qualification BL/Solr

Or another degree and two years of translation experience


Fluent in Irish

Ability to deliver quality translations of legal documents into Irish

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Quality commitment

Willingness to apply clients' terminolgy and style preferences


Feedback implementation

You are a fast learner and are willing to implement feedback for each deliver


Punctual delivery

As translation is the final step before our clients publish their texts, punctuality is key

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A same day response helps us allocate new projects faster


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I am a legal professional (e.g. solicitor, legal executive) or a professional translator.

Can I apply as well?

Yes, we strongly encourage those who can meet the expectations outlined in the section above to apply.

I have never translated professionally before, can I still apply?

Yes, we will provide you with everything you need and have a quality control system in place. We provide translation training for Irish barristers and solicitors by our team of professional Irish translators (Foras na Gaeilge and ITIA accredited) and will provide you with all the information and resources you need in order to deliver high quality translations. You will receive individual feedback to implement for each document you have translated and we regularly check in with you to have a professional translator help you with specific points of feedback. This way, you can both improve quality and translate faster over time.

What linguistic skills are required?

We require a (near)-native level of Irish and fluency in the language you would like to translate from. For example English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish. Please note these are legal texts and you must be comfortable writing in legal language with specialised terminology.



Is machine translation allowed? 

Based on internal research, machine translation for legal Irish is currently not suitable for professional translation purposes, as the quality of its output is currently significantly lower compared to other languages.

I have no experience with translation software, can I still apply?

We can help you start using translation tools (CAT-tools), which will help you translate more efficiently and can increase your monthly output. 

My working schedule as a barrister or solicitor is subject to last-minute changes and my capacity varies from month to month. Is this a problem?

No, we are aware of this and will agree a deadline for each document with you individually. We usually allocate projects 4-6 weeks in advance and are able to make a change to an internal deadline as an exception in case of emergency.

How does Access International pay translators? 

As a barrister or solicitor, you can invoice us for the delivered translation projects. Upon our quality check, you will be notified when a payment of your invoice has been initiated. Our standard payment term is only 45 days, compared to 60 days of most government institutions in the EU.

What rate can I expect?

Translators who provide us full-time capacity are able to earn up to €6,200/month if translations adhere to our quality standards and are delivered on time. Further details will be discussed after an application has been submitted. Our documents range from 5-100 pages and we will be able to fill your capacity and provide you with the amount of words you are able to deliver for each month in an individal delivery schedule.

What kind of documents will I translate into Irish?

Our legal documents involve a wide range of types and subjects, ranging from tax, renewable energy, environmental disputes, court rulings and judgements, training materials to documents related to divorce.

What clients does Access International translate for?

Our clients include institutions of the European Union, local government institutions and occasionally SMEs.

What can I expect from Access International in terms of response time when I have a question about a project I am translating?

Our project managers always try to reply within only one hour, to help you get ahead with translating your allocated documents into Irish.

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I am a barrister or solicitor with Irish language skills and have capacity
for translation projects. How does it work?

With our easy onboarding process, you can get started as a freelance legal Irish translator quickly. No prior translation experience? No problem! We will provide training and guidance by professional and experienced legal Irish translators to help you get started translating interesting documents remotely. 

1. Apply as a freelance legal Irish translator at Access International

As part of working with the ISO 17100 standard, we will ask you to provide you the following documents as a first step in the process:

  • Your CV

  • Proof of ID

  • A scan of your diplomas and transcript of records

  • Relevant information regarding your legal working experience, language skills and translation experience (if applicable)

2. Signing framework agreement and a small translation test

Upon verification of your provided documents, we will sign an agreement prior to outsourcing work to you. Before starting our first project, you will need to complete a small translation test into Irish which we will use to provide individual feedback.

3. Translation resources

As each client has their own requirement and expectations, Access International will provide you with helpful Irish terminology, legal and translation technology resources. Our Irish translation team will be able to help with training and onboarding you onto translation management tools which will help you translate more efficiently and earn more in the long run.

4. Start your first project in only 3-4 weeks

After these three easy steps, we will allocate your first document to translate. We will provide you with continuous feedback and for each translation project you complete to improve translation quality over time.


Get started today!

Apply for freelance Irish translation work

Your contact person:

Ellen de Visser, Managing Director at Access International

To apply, send an email with your CV along with scans of diplomas and proof of ID to:

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